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October 15, 2007



I'm not sure what grade you teach, but I believe that you do seem too tough on your students. English class is probably not the only class your students have, which means they will have other assignments from other teachers. I can tell you have a love of reading, but you should understand that you can't force your love onto someone who doesn't love reading. It makes it into a chore for them to read. I think 20 novels is very excessive and you assume it would only take them 30 minutes a night to read and stay caught up. Some people read a lot slower than you may believe. I remember a teacher that I had in junior high school. She would assign way too much homework every day. If I was to sit down every night and really try to do it right it would take me around an hour or so. Then I had my other assignments and not to mention my life. I was a good student, but I found myself becoming apathetic towards her class. I ultimately rebelled against the homework she assigned and did not do it. Trust me, that was very unlike me. I'm all for homework when it's needed, but to just assign busy work, that just makes students mad. Anyway, I would just say that you should put yourself in your students place. They live hectic lives, just like some adults. An over demanding, inconsiderate teacher will only draw hostility from students. Realize that their lives do not revolve around your English class. Too much pressure and homework will push even your best student into animosity toward you and the English class. I do agree that people need to read more often, but trust me, you can't make them do it. The love of reading is developed at a young age. So, give homework if it's needed, but in moderation and be considerate of their lives outside your classroom.

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